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I am trying to filter collections by the product metafield value. Is there a way to intercept shopify liquid request before it reaches server? I have a filter somewhat working but instead of working as an actual filter, it shows the products that mat...
Does anyone know if this will ever be an option to perform that search through the Admin API?
As it stands, there is no support for trying to add pagination to custom arrays with liquid. Are there plans to make this possible? I know you could easily accomplish this with a custom theme but I need to be able to go right into the theme files fro...
I am attempting to do the same thing. According the the liquid theme docs, currently you cannot paginate a custom array and they have a list of specific arrays that you can paginate through. I hope to be able to accomplish this eventually
Is there a problem going on with metaobjects. I'm using them in an app that I am building and without warning, any metaobject that I create both manually and through the app does not pull in the resourcelists and indextable that they should do in. Al...
What behavior did you observe from this? Did the pagination display the normal number of pages and hide the products that did not meet the criteria?
Thank you for this. Just like you said, what is the point of using metafields if you have to resort to hacking a default method just to make it work. I think I'm going to try this.
I'm buiding an app for a client and I am making use of the new metaobjects. I noticed what when I created a search filter for products, I could do a general query and filter out products that way instead of targeting specific fields within the produc...

I'm encountering a similar issue. I went through the steps to make the app available for a single merchant and I got a url is not whitelisted error. I just need to know what value to put for the redirect url
Through the REST admin api. I don’t have any experience with GraphQL 
Hello. I'm developing a custom app for a shopify store and I am trying to access the metafields for each product. I understand that you can access them for individual resources but the feature I am working on would require me to have the metafield da...
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