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Hi thank you for the code. For some reason though on my homepage, the logo and header is completely on the left side and not centered like the other pages. How can i adjust?
I want to remove the sticky header from the overlay banner and have it transparent, but when you select no sticky banner on scroll, it stays on with the scroll and also looks like this on the preview. What code would i use to have a transparent Banne...
Unfortunately that option didnt work and the image is still transparent over the banner. Can i please get you to fix this for me?
I accidently broke the code for my home page banner by copying and pasting a code i found on here that i thought would put my logo over the banner imaGE, unfortunately the code has another brands logo on it and now i cant have a banner on any of my p...
Hi there, i have done this process. thanks so much, what is the next step? 
I don’t know how to customize inside the theme setting, I just want to remove the big white banner. I have seen other pages do it in this forum with the dawn setting after a code has been written. I am not sure how to do it through normal way, I don’...
Hi! I am using Dawn theme. But would like to have a banner image go behind the sticky header with an overlap. 
I need help to remove coding from my website that I copied from a help page on here.  It has put a logo on every banner type and looks terrible. please help. https://qzvp6sk2p96526l2-64157483225.shopifypreview.com
How do I get a banner image or video to appear behind the logo and then have the logo scroll down the page. I would like to use  https://www.robey.com.au/ as an example of how to do the layout.  Could i please get code for the video to appear on loop...
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