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Hello, does the Gift Cards API need some special permisions?
Hello @ShopifyDevSup , I want to jump on your solution. ```{"data"=>{"giftCardUpdate"=>nil},"errors"=>[{"message"=>"Access denied for giftCardUpdate field. Required access: `write_gift_cards` access scope. Also: The API client must be a private or cu...
Thanks. I managed to get it done months ago. It was the shopify api version indeed.
Hello everyone,  I have a question regarding 2 different webhooks for orders:What is the difference between orders/edited and orders/updated webhooks?Thank you!
Hello,Looking at the Shopify multipass I came across this:FAQSome of my customers have already placed orders on Shopify. How do I update those customers so they can login through multipass?You can use the Customer API to set the multipass_identifier ...
Hello, can you explain me how to do this?FulfillmentOrderLineItemsPreparedForPickupInput isn't a defined input type (on $input) Field 'fulfillmentOrderLineItemsPreparedForPickup' doesn't exist on type 'Mutation' Variable $input is declared by fulfill...
Hello, I've been trying for some time to set an order as ready for pickup and obtain the same result as when we manually click it.  From what I understood, there is no way to do this using the REST API, only graphQL. I tried to do it using this mutat...
Hello,I was wondering if there is any way that an order can be fulfilled partially via rest API.I know that we can create fulfilment for a fulfilment order and that is how we can fully fulfil an order. Can we do that partially? Thank you
Hello everyone, For the past few days, I've been trying to figure out how do I know if an order is ready-for-pickup.Let's consider I create an order then I mark it as ready-for-pickup. Using the Shopify API, I get all orders, but there doesn't seem t...
Hello @Rasel , so there is no API from the Shopify Admin API that helps me getting the unfulfilled orders? (only the ones from a pickup order) I would prefer to implement this in my application. If not possible, I would try Zapiet.Thank you!
Hello guys. I have a question regarding the BOPIS (buy online pickup in store).I want to get all the orders that are unfulfilled and be able to mark them as:orderedpreparingready-for-pickuppicked-upfrom a third party app using the Shopify Admin API. ...
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