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hi when the offer 2 is launch?
Hi I would like to set up mix and match discount something like buy 2 tees for $60..I have created the product selection for that.. but all tees has different price range. so its cant be set up as percentage discount. How do i achieve that?
do you have an update? 
Hi this is the product link is turbo
Hi, I am trying to add a new gift card product. and would like the customer send the gift for someone else. but i couldnt find the option on buy button for the gift card recipient form. How do i enable that please? thank you so much 
thank you so much it worked! but one thing.. i would like this to be in all our customers account. and the way you told me i need to add this one by one in customer account. is there any other way i dont need to apply it one by one?
Hi.. I had similar issue. could you help if i want to add a small description and also clickable link on account page? So the customer can view this when they are logged in into their account. to access marketing material  thank you so much!
Hi,  I would like to add a link page on the account page. so the customer can click that link when they are signed in to access the marketing material.. how do i do this? in here
Hi, we have a problem.. the product tag on all our products has disappeared! Could you please help why this happening? here is our website
Hi! Can you help me with some code to achieve this? thank you 
Hi I would like to set a different announcement bar once the customer logged in. is this possible?
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