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Hi Paul,Thanks a lot! The input value was the problem! Changed it to: ["item1", "item2"] and now it works.   
Hi Jeff, Thanks again.The problem is, I tried this already and that will result in the following:  The problem is: there is not "list.single_line_text_field" option.....I guess it is just not possible...?
Hi jeff, Thanks again for the reply. I had it in single line text (after I changed the namesapce and key). I still got an error:  Can you please let me know If I need to adjust something here: 
Hi Jeff,Thank you so much for taking the time to help. Your answer makes sense. I changed it and now get the following error:8 feb 2024 om 18:46Got error updating metafield: "Value is invalid JSON: unexpected token at 'Prematuur'." For value: "Premat...
Hi experts,I exported all my products to update the cost of goods. Now after importing everything, all my variants are gone....!Is there a way to fix this???I think what went wrong is: To get all the products with no cost of goods, I clicked to sort ...
Hi experts,Sorry, it is partly in dutch! let me know if you need anything to be translated.I created a flow that updates a variant metafield to the variant when it is created.Now everything runs fine. Only thing is.When the metafield is updated (crea...
Hi,Actually I am facing the same. We have about 4000 products. Currently we are linking the products in the metafield and then add the section into the product page template. See example below. I am still looking for a better way to automate this. I ...
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