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Yes i will, but i only want to know if with the csv, do i need to verify by myself the inventory of my supplier or it will be automaticaly ajust ?thank you !
Thanks for your reply, so by importing the csv on my shopify of the product of my supplier from his shopify store, i dont need to manage inventory ? and how do i manage a commission ?my supplier will received the order as if it was taken from his sho...
Hi Daniel, thanks for your reply.Our business on www.ejardin.ca<> is to sell learning cours about herbalist, thoses cours are about how to different fabrication of product Ex. soap, shampoo, medecinal sirup etc...But we dont sell on our shopify any b...
Is it possible to sell a product from a other shopify supplier on my shopify, and just take % of profit on it, but all about shipping and inventory would be manage by the supplier shopify. tank you !
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