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Hi there,I have the problem that my anchor jumps too far.I have listed all the questions/ headlines at the beginning of the page, then you suppose to jump to each section. However, it jumps around 1cm too far or lets say 2-3 lines. Verified it with d...
Hi Kate, thanks a lot with the detailed feedback. As mentioned at my post on top, I also checked here and there pagespeed but I could just marginal optimize it. I converted now the main images and logo to webp format. Maybe also some improvement. I h...
Hi there,it had taken me around 4 months to setup the store and I am now around two month online. I had last week my first two sales. I got the sales just due to google ads. I have per day around 70 to 150 visitors but it doesnt end up in any sales. ...
yes but again, this simple solution costs 240$ per year plus it requires an upgrade of the shopify plan. I find it still very frustrating.
Hi Ollie, I have a 3rd party app and submitted my site map successfully to google around 6 days ago.On google search console I have an account, added my domain, copied the html verification code into my editor on shopify. also all good. In addition I...
Hi there,Situation: Me, having a company registered in south-east-asia, delivering products from a supplier in US to customers in US (and other countries).Question:Before I engange a tax expert in my country or in US, I wanted to clarify with non-US ...
I would be also curious what others use. whether its an excel spreadsheet or an accounting software.I am playing a bit around with Zoho Books (free plan), since it is included in my Zoho Mail.In the past months I had used my own excel spreadsheet.
@charlesr - but I just learned yesterday that I have to purchase Shopify Advanced or pay another 20$ additional each month in order to activate ccs. Otherwise a 3rd party app cant make the required settings. To activate the third-party carrier-calcul...
is the basic plan good enough for 9.99$ to resolve this annoying issue? Or which one did you purchase?
ok i think i got it now... set different shipping zones for one warehouse in US. Now customer see in checkout just the specific rate for their country.
@Erin- thank you very much for the detailed answer. I will look into this again and setup based on your advise. I have added for test a zone now just for Australia. Is it correct that I have to click under "add products" on every single product to ad...
HI there, I had setup earlier shipping fees for different countries. If the order is below a certain value, then there are shipping costs of xx$.I had created 4 zones.Now I tried a test purchase and me, the customer can select which shipping rate I w...
Hey there,Following situation.I have set a price limit for free shipping. If its above the limit, good, shipping is for free - in a specific region (US in this case).But if its below shippment must be paid by the buyer. The thing is I have > 100 prod...
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