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Hi! You need to choose which method to use. Having both webhooks and callback url seems redundant. I'd advise you to implement a reconciliation cron task in addition to the one of notification methods you will choose. 
Hi!   You can unset the tracking number with calling fulfillmentTrackingInfoUpdateV2 with an empty trackingInfo parameter. Does this suite your case?
Hi,   Order and Fulfillment APIs are not being removed. The way fulfillment services create fulfillments is changed and several no longer needed Fulfillments endpoints are being deleted.  
Hi! This is a generic access check error.    Do you specify correct access token in the request headers? X-Shopify-Access-Token: <your shpat_* access token>   Does you app have the correct permissions? It should be one of the `write_{assigned/merchan...
Hi,   SKU is a case-sensitive string in Shopify for purpose. From brief looking into this a bit outside of Shopify, it appears that case insensitivity is not the norm, and numerous platforms with SKU integrations are also case sensitive, just like Sh...
It seems to me that Mintsoft have migrated, see their post. Have you received a new warning email from Shopify recently? If yes, you can direct message me with your shop name and the name or id of the custom app you use for integration with Mintsoft?...
Let's break down the concept of a custom Shopify app.1. When you create a custom app in Shopify admin, you create new authorization credentials: you set access scopes, and you get API key and API access token. There's no logic of a custom app configu...
Hi!   1. There is not "fulfillment order updated" webhook. Please granularly subscribe to the webhook topics (types of changes) you are interested in to react on. 2. If you are interested in any fulfillment order creation in a way that the fulfillmen...
Hi!   This field will remain in `2023-07` but there's no guaranty it will remain longer.   What if you enable overselling for digital downloads? 
Hi,   Your script can now check for fulfillment orders containing the product with this ID and create fulfillments for these fulfillment orders. The only difference will be that you query for fulfillment orders rather than for orders. Fulfilling orde...
Hi,   name, response_format, callback_url, fulfillment_orders_opt_in are required parameters. I'll check why they are not marked as required in the docs, thanks for letting us know.
Hi,   Cross-posting this discussion and the link to the tracking companies list (scroll down to  "The Fulfillment resource", click "Show 5 hidden fields", scroll down to the "tracking_company" field, click "Show tracking_company properties"). Also,...
Hi,   A few words about how the callback_url can be used: https://community.shopify.com/c/fulfillment-api-deprecation/fulfillment-service-app-is-callback-url-necessary-and-can-we/td-p/1963608 Based on community feedback like yours, we will make it op...
Could you please describe your use-case?   Why would one need to have 2 fulfillment orders in the same location? You are free to fulfill just a part of a fulfillment order with specifying a set of fulfillment order line items.   If I guess correctly,...
Hi,   If you are using pre-2022-04 API now, your request are automatically translated to the oldest existing API version. Which is 2022-04 for now. So you are using 2022-04.
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