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Hello, I have added a newsletter sign up email. want to make sure I have the If/then set up correctly.  Check if, conditions (if all criteria are met), If (equal to) (online store)than - arrow - do this Do this, send marketing email.  My goal is to s...
Thank you for this! When I click "Theme" should I click the 3 dots then edit code?
Hello, Would like to add my product options to be greyed out/ blurred out/ or line through option when sold out. does anyone have a solution to this? 
Will Dm you.
Hello, I would like to have my options blurry or a line through the option when sold out.  Image below, shows how it is now. says sold out next to price. would like to have a line across the option name, blurry, or the customer not allow to select.  
Hello, Would like to be able to click on either my product image, title and/or view item for each product. is this possible?
send a DM 
Hello,I am trying to have the text align in a row for my products. image below is (view your online store). as you can see there is a something off. the Fume Extra text should align with the other two in the row and Elf bar should align with the othe...
Thank you! Was able to make some changes.  Is there a way to make the two options side by side and in rectangular boxes? Also, couldn't make the text white color like the rest.  Please see image below.  
I actually got that working. But, do you know how to edit powr pop up? 
Hello, I have a my products listed on my Shopify website. Have options to have flavor drop-down and quantity -/+. Would like to add a third option for people to select single or box. When you click single it shows a certain price and when you click b...
Hello, would like to only show certain payment icons on bottom of page. Would like to show in this order Apple Pay, google pay, Mastercard, discover, visa, Amex, PayPal. Don’t want to show any other payment icon on screen. Also if possible to add a w...
 Hello,how to customize the powr popup extension? Would like to have it black background with white text, two options yes over 21+ or No as a button not drop-down, and remove the powr popup on the bottom. please see photo. 
That is fine. Thank you for the assistance! 
This is perfect! I have added an add on extension for a pop up on my site. There there a way to edit it, instead of drop down for answer they just click either or for the answer? 
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