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Hi,Sorry, but that is not a valid solution as you can't return group by variant_sku.
Hi, Is there any other way to get first time customers via the API? It was easy to get sales data by product and sales daterange grouped by customers = first-time in the sales data, but now there doesn't seem to be a straightforward way to do it. Any...
just to clarify, the sales report is not through the api, it's through the admin panel on shopify?
Welp, I just need the filter conditions that were present in the sales table.  Hope you resolve your date issue, maybe it's how shopify ends a day that is very close to present day. like if you query 'today or yesterday' or since 2 days ago, because...
I didn't check net_sales, but order_product_quantity works fine using the products dataset (same numbers as the old sales dataset). I think the way it sums/aggregates data is a bit different, so check your WHERE clauses, because my product_price != 0...
is there any other way to access the sales table through API? I want sales by product and by customer type, which is no longer available in the orders and products dataset.
yeah, i've been trying to find a good way to filter product sales by customer_type = first time. It was in the sales table, but not in the products and orders table. If there's any staff on the threads, kindly let the team know, I would prefer to hav...
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