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Hello,I am using the Marketplace Connect app to publish products to Amazon. As the price of Amazon products I set the price of Shopify, but I have a problem when on Shopify the price is discounted. I would like the app to use the original price (Comp...
Thanks Paul, in fact I was wondering if there was a way to combine all those "Check If" in one line, but it seems it is not possible.I don't know javascript unfortunately, thanks again for the answer.
Hello, I would like to duplicate a condition already created with all criteria. Is it possible?I would like to duplicate the condition circled in red in the attached image.  
Hello,I would like to update the quantity of some products by importing a CSV file accessible via URL.Is it possible to use Flow to automate this process? Or should I use an external app?
Thanks Paul, I'll try to run Flow B after 30 minutes.
Hi Paul, thanks for your reply. The flow A is already very long and complex, I was hoping to be able to create more than one flow to handle them without confusion.I understand that this is not possible, do I have to have one flow for each type of tri...
Hi,I have two flows called Flow A and Flow B with trigger "When a new product is created".Is it possible to set the order in which they are executed? I always want Flow A to be executed first, then Flow B.
Hello,I would like to create a flow to run every night.As a condition it needs to see if a product has a tag, but there doesn't seem to be that option. Do I have to use another trigger? 
Hi, I am trying to import some products via the CSV I have attached.The import is ok, there are no error messages, the 2 products are created in Shopify but the sizes are wrong. In both products there should be sizes 10, 12, 14 years, instead on Shop...
Hi Blair,are there any updates on the cancellation of manual payments? Is this a function that may be implemented in the future or will it remain like this forever?
I would like to create a flow to add all sales channels when a new product is created.I tried looking through the available actions, but there doesn't seem to be an option to add sales channels.
Thanks Paul!
Hello,I need to create a workflow that stops after a certain condition, otherwise it must continue.As you can see in the attached image, if the product includes the Specialprice tag, the flow must stop. Otherwise it continues.How can I set the action...
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