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In first, thanks you all for your comments ! I will do it  For the pub, i used only fb ads. I put more audience on my pub (to do better targeting i guess)I only use pictures for the moment, i dont know how can i have a great video when the products ...
Hi, can i have some advice on my website ? I have some traffic due to FB but no sales. Bad products pages ? Price to high ? idk... thank you !
I up ty 
It doesn't works for me 
Hi, I did a mistake when i tried to modify the code. I deleted all but i don't know why, the problem is again here.  Ty !!Jeycherries - Réveiller la cerise qui sommeil en vous
Hi, How can i have crossed price ? (on all products at the same time if possible, i apply -20% on all for example)  ty  
It's note the same page
thank you, i will check it for : "1) There should be sections for best sellers and latest arrivals on the homepage. These are categories that help drive in and catch the attention of customers." I dont know how can i dot it with my impulse theme 
Hi, for me the home page is not really beautiful.I think grey is not the best color.Some images are looking a bit  cheap But for me the most important, your website lags too much. But very, u must improve that
As a customer, the pictures are not all really good i think. It's not easy to swap image. And the text like that is looking very cheap. For the price i don't know, maybe too expensive without promo 
Hi, I want to replace my price and my taxes (texts) on my impulse theme but i have to modify the code i guess...but i don't know how can i do it.  Climb the price and align with taxes. And why not, same for the "color", Thank you very much   
hi, this is my website. Can i have some feedback ? I have some traffics but no sales atm. For me, the collections pages (and maybe products) are looking cheap. I am begineer so it's a bit hard for me to improve  Thx very muc...
It works ty very much   
Ok it works but my texts is blank on blank now  On others page it's fine, on home page the changing color doesn't work.  
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