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Hello @oscprofessiona,Thanks for taking the time to add valuable information to my problem. I use lazy load for the images below the fold. For the banner, which is above the fold I don’t lazy load it. This isn’t a good practice? 
Thank you, John, for your additional info. So, I have to identify the not critical/unnecessary JavaScript I execute before rendering the hero banner. I am trying to figure out what is rendered before the hero image with the Performance tab at Chrome ...
Thank you very much for explaining that. I am trying to learn more about the page speed optimization, so that’s why I didn’t outsource that out yet and instead post the question. 
Hello there, I am trying to figure out how to improve the page speed experience. Generally, the speed of the site is good however I am getting a very high render delay time affecting the LCP score and as a result failing at the google web vitals. Am ...
That was a great answer for me and you provide me a solution I couldn’t find for a long time! Thank you very much! Could you go one step further and provide a code to change the images only when sliding left or right and not on hover? 
Hello! I am using the Impulse theme that gives you the ability to select a product variation based on swatches under each product on the collection pages.When hovering the mouse over the swatch, it is dynamically replace the product image with the se...
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