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how to create slideshow draggable in dawn theme when I drag to left then it draggable  
Can we convert Filter & Sort to dropdown in mobile view?    
I am  building a breadcrumbs which is home > collection >products like but if I have sub category then  it replace the  collection name I want this  flow like   Home >collection> sub collection > products  Please help me this problem
I've created video with text section and added java script for the forward video and backwards video. it's working only first section if I've add some more video with section there are not working another sections. here is Java script and liquid code...
If I use a custom section with JS code then it only works the first section .if I used multiple times then JS it is not working. any solution ?? . I also put JS code in Theme and global.js liquid file but it is not working.  
How to change slide to fade animation in Dawn Theme
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