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Bio: Head of product (Draftbit, YC W18). Ex-software engineer (Hunch, acquired by eBay). Business owner (Telegram Cookies). Twin dad. French expat.

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I'm running into the same issue, apparently, when trying to access a single object in a list to pass it as a section setting. The following code throws an error (“Dynamic source 'collection.metafields.custom.highlighted_products.value|first' is type:...
In my Liquid template, in {% schema %}, I want to add an input setting that references a metaobject. What should the syntax be? I tried, {% schema %} { "settings": [ { "type": "testimonial", "id": "testimonial" ...
Thanks for replying. Unfortunately, I have tried that approach already. Could you elaborate what you mean by “provided you have cart attributes are going to order properly?” Is there something specific I should be doing?
I'm trying to display the cart attributes in the packing slip of an order. I read the documentation. I edited the packing slip template accordingly and tried a few different things. The order.attributes object:{% for order_attribute in order.attribut...
Hello. I'm trying to track a user from a `page_viewed` event (in the customer events), for example, and a “cart creation” event (in the webhooks).All I see in the former is `clientId` and `id`. None of those formats seem to match the `token` and `id`...
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