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We also need this feature. Adding a +1 here in hopes that someone has some ideas. 
Thank you Michael, I appreciate you sharing this possible solution. 
Thank you NicoRi, I appreciate the heads up about the app. It’s good to know we have a way of dealing with this in the meantime. I am a little baffled something this simple isn’t part of the update like they did this winter. There must be a reason fo...
Thank you Ollie! Seeing as it's been a few months, is this on the roadmap? Is there any chance you could get an update for us by chance? Greatly appreciated!
Adding a +1 to this. We would also really love to see this kind of autonomy available to our client's customers.
We would like to have condition options such as "is set", and "is not set", matching the other condition options available to automated conditions such as product type for example. Is this in the roadmap? Thanks!  
Going to one up this. Here's another +1 for some basic access for non Shopify Pro plans for CSS access to checkout. Thanks Shopify! 
I was able to use this in terminal and it solved the issues I was having:theme get --list --password="thepasswordhere" --store=""
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