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Your code uses the URL to create the breadcrumbs. If the url does not include the collection it won't be displayed in the breadcrumbs. Example:https://store.com/collections/kitchen/products/blue-chairHome > Kitchen > Blue Chair https://store.com/prod...
Do you mean to add the collections to the menu?If so go to Online Store > Navigation > Create new menuThen you can assign that menu to your header section from the theme customizer. 
Open the Meta sales channel and there you will be able to see which products have not been synchronized and why.
This has happened once to a customer of mine.Have you sold branded products without authorization?If so, you may have received an email notification.
You should have a section in your theme called "HTML Code" or "Liquid Code". There you can copy and paste that code. If you don't have that section or need something more customized it will be an easy job for a Shopify Partner.
Yes, you will be able to sell to everyone. I recommend you to read about Shopify Markets
In the theme code, the image is being generated by a code like this:{{ product.featured_image | img_url: '1024x1024' }} To this you have to reduce that resolution to adapt it to the required size. Example:{{ product.featured_image | img_url: '300x300...
You can see what applications your competition is using with Detectify's app detector. 
You can check the apps that your competitors are using with Detectify's app detector. 
You can check the apps that your competitors are using with this Shopify app detector. It's a good starting point. 
You can use this Shopify app detector 
The most effective option is Detectify's Shopify theme detector
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