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No, unfortunately. I find that the Shopify community is not very good. I have tons of questions and many have not been answered. 
I'm still trying to fix the blurry banner issue. It looks fine on my larger desktop monitor but blurry on my laptop. Can I send you the image-banner.liquid code to take a look at. I'd be happy to buy you a cup of coffee.  {{ 'section-image-banner.cs...
That helped but it's still a little blurry on the laptop. Is there a way to remove the Shopify image resizing completely?
I'm realizing now that the image looks good on my large desktop screen but it looks blurry on my smaller laptop screen.
Disregard that last post. This solution does work. Thank you!
Dan, thanks for your help. I tried your suggestion but it didn't work. I think it has something to do with the code I added to "section.image.banner.css". It successfully helps me add two different size images, one for desktop and one for mobile, but...
Hi there, I added the code below to section.image.banner.css in order to have a wide "hero" image on desktop and a small responsive image on mobile. The code allows the first image uploaded to display on desktop and second image to display on mobile....
Hi Dan, I'd like to edit the order confirmation page on the website and not the order confirmation email.  Screen shot attached. Thanks.
How can I edit the order confirmation page? Can I edit the text? Can I remove the weird map? Thanks, Ruben
Brilliant! This worked perfectly. Thank you!
Hi, is this possible? Thanks!
Hi there, can you please help? Ruben
Store Link: cornholeantics Thanks!
I have a 4 column multicolumn with 4 images and text on my home page. How can I make the images and text hyperlinks? Thanks in advance!  
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