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Hi everyone,  Perhaps someone can help. I have added and been setting up Zepto, product personalizer app. I have selected that it creates a new personalised product which then stays on the store, in their help section it says how to 'hide newly creat...
Can anyone help with this? Thanks
Hi Apex, thanks for replying! I kind of understand what your saying but have no idea how to do it! To be honest I'm not familiar with coding at all, I've have sorted a few issues just by copying and pasting code to areas that people have suggestd and...
Update:  Using the following code below pasted in base.scc has helped but still not symmetric with the headings and text. .footer-block.grid__item.footer-block--menu {display: flex;flex-direction: column;align-items: center;width: max-content;}.foote...
Hi Everyone! Hope someone can help, I'm struggling with the footer on my website. I have two menus on the footer and wanted to get them symmetrical together with a logo. Unfortunately after trying and also checking on here I couldn't solve or do it. ...
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