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Hi @simulationwear glad to support you today .you can do this by using CSS media queries. Hide one section for desktop and the other for mobile   
Hi @Alice211 Glad to give you a solutionit will help if you display 2 banners1: portrait banner for mobile devices hide other and a landscape for desktop devices It can be done by changing the logic in the code 
Hi @Nathanwouden Which theme you are using?
hi @suoshie paste this css code at the bottom of your base.css file section#shopify-section-template--18057347399996__form { position: absolute; left: 50%; top: 50%; transform: translate(-50%, -50%); z-index: 999999; } section#sh...
Hi @jedecom Glad to support you today .Please share your store URL and Password if enabledThanks
Hi @TaraGmg1 Glad to support you today ! please share your store url Thanks
Hi @ALPHAᵍᵐ Glad to support you today.There's  an extra ' } '  in your announcement bar.liquid file Please remove to solve the issue Thanks
Hi @uriWebfusion Glad to support you today!There is a chrome Extention through which you can search all over the theme thanks 
 Hi @JADIS Glad to support you today Please paste the following code at the bottom of base.css  .price__badge-sale { display: none !important; } I hope this will help you out Thanks
Hi @JonnyJonny21 Thanks for the Url Please paste the Below code at the bottom of base.css .cart-notification__links .button-label{ background-color: transparent important; }  
paste this code on the very first line {% capture redirectScript %}{% render 'bsscommerce-redirect-product-page-logic', product: product %}{% endcapture %}{% assign redirectScript = redirectScript | strip %}{% unless redirectScript contains "Liquid e...
open theme editor > snippets > price.liquid   paste the following code in price.liquid  {%- assign percent = product.compare_at_price | minus: product.price | times: 100 | divided_by: product.compare_at_price | round -%} {{ percent }}% Off  that's it
Hi @nieuwvantijdsho Glad to support you today. You can upload a separate portrait  image for mobile screens only but need to add some code in your theme. I hope You understand the logic.Thanks
which theme you are using?and where you want to show this badge.
Hi @Mp2023  glad to support you today.Please go to sections of your live theme and find main-product.liquid and take screen shot of first  2 lines and send it to me I will find the issue and give you the solution to fix .Thanks
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