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Bio: I have been looking to play around with Shopify for a while. I'm no novice to side-hustles but definitely a novice to the world of online selling, on...

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Hi Everyone, I sell 32 products - each of these products requires an individual size table because there are different values for each.  I understand I need to create a custom size page for each of the 32 products.  There is also a widget that I can ...
@Brendan-Optily - it does help... thank you!! After launching the store about 8 days ago, i am getting a few hundred visitors per day with a returning visitors sitting at around 20% ... so we'll see... thank you!
Hi @Rayshuggs - very good point about social media.  I have some already - including a facebook page (I needed one for my facebook advertising campaign which is currently running) and I also have an instagram page - "vdnlingerie" I need to update it ...
@Dolores-GSP - hello!  thank you for all your suggestions.  I have removed the video - I wanted to make my site a bit more "dynamic" but you are right - and therefore I have corrected that.  Very clear point about the all-black background.  I turned ...
Hi @Ollie - yes, the favicon is a recurring suggestion by the community!  I will definitely work on that.  Thank you as well for the link - it does say that it timed out though and i can't seem to load it but i have also read on the site that there m...
@PageFly-Victor - blown away by the detailed response.  Some things already mentioned by others but my key focus now is the product page which definitely needs a fair bit of tender love and care   great idea as well about the gift guides ...
@flareAI - thank you so much for the feedback.  The addition of a favicon has been mentioned in a few places so will make sure to do that.  Great thought about the FAQ section; definitely something that made itself into my list of things to add.  I a...
@OneCommerce - Thank you so much for the feedback!  I have removed those 3 "blurbs" that were fairly useless I think  ... you are right - adding CTA buttons is my next thing to do; when I tried to add the default ones, the look was not exactly great...
Hello Fellow Shopifiers! I just launched my e-boutique this Sunday, February 5th and am wondering what would generally be a good amount of visitors to my online store before I can start looking at conversion rates?  I figured if I have 100 visitors, ...
Hi - as per subject title! Would love it if the community could take a look at the store I've launched just this Sunday and provided me with some feedback.  Looking forward to the journey!  The store is:  https://viedenuit.com Thanks a bundle!
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