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I'm making a custom sales channel app.  I was wondering if there was a way to get the total product sales on my sales channel for a given store?  What kind of api or admin client call needs to be made?
I don't know if this used to be correct but as of now, you have to re-push some info to shopify.From Shopify's app readme.md:"If you change your app's scopes and notice that authentication goes into a loop and fails with a message from Shopify that i...
Here's a recording.  Notice that it transitions from local to myshopify after submit.  If I go back to local, I am still not logged in.
When I am running locally with shopify cli, I am unable to log in.  My site redirects to my shopify hosted site when I try to log in locally.  Even if I change the postback url to my local ip, I will just get stuck on the captcha page again and again...
I was able to solve the problem.  You have to run the site using "npm run dev" and not "shopify app dev" now unlike in prior versions of shopify cli.  That will run the db migration which is also how the db is created in the first place.
I have run "npm init @Shopify/app@latest" to scaffold a new app to become a new sales channel.  However, the app generated does not work out of the box.  I have already had to modify the shopify.web.toml file to add back in missing fields to get past...
I have the same sort of error but my app is a brand new scaffold produced by shopify cli.  Lame that it doesn't work out of the box for me.  Shopify, you need to fix your software. Anyway, I was able to solve my error by looking at your older toml fo...
Dawn theme seems to publish events.  However, when I try to add event listeners to these events, nothing ever happens. Here is the code in Dawn theme that fires the event when you add something to the cart: in product-form.js around line 68:publish(P...
What are you even talking about? When I assigned a function to Shopify.onCartUpdate, it had no effect after adding an item to the cart.   
{% if line.product.metafields.custom.vendor.value != '' %} That's the right syntax up there.  But guess what?  It doesn't work in the emails.  The metafield data seems to be absent in the emails.  The same code cut and pasted into one of the theme li...
Yeah I was interested in this ability as well.  Is it only possible with a custom app?
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