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I want my page to be composed of theme app blocks as much as possible. In Dawn theme I found a way to add custom block in section, use "type": "@app" and I can add my theme app in theme customize page. { "name": "Product page main", "tag": "s...
I seem to understand. When I used shopify cli this time, he recommended me to use remix mode. I mistakenly thought that my app service could be hosted on shopify.  but in fact, if I wanted to publish it to my online store, It seems I still need to de...
Thank you very much! Following your guidance, I was able to complete almost all the functionalities. However, I would like to use the data stored in the app(remix) in my checkout extension(react). Is it possible to achieve this? I can access it using...
Sorry. Jumping directly to "/checkout" will not add products in 
you can disabled the dynamic checkout, and use the code like "<a href='/checkout'>Buy It Now</a>" in the else branch. or directly in your product page.
cool, i created a new remix route and removed the default export, now i can fetch my data in dev environment use the localhost url shopify provide to me. but what url should i use if i want to deploy it on online store?
I have encountered the same issue as well, and I believe this might be a bug that was left behind during the development process.
I use Checkout::Dynamic::Render in my React renderbut there doesn't appear to be any elements that I can drag in the checkout costomizeHow can I place the "Hello World" after the total price of order 
I have the same issue, when I create a checkout through graphql, and get the webUrl for checkout.then I jump to the checkout page but I came back to /cart.Just as Gordon_Chan said, you can see in the chrome network console that the request is redirec...
"automatic discount" can only apply to the Specific products,  what should i do if the situation is customer can get discount when both A and B in the checkout at the same time .
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