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My website: etherealoasis.coMy theme: Dawn I'd like to get the items in the shopping cart to have a transparent background like they do in the actual store, instead of the black box. See image below. Any help would be appreciated! 
My site: etheraloasis.coMy theme: Dawn See attached image.  When items are added to shopping cart and it pops up floating on top, the background is transparent. I'd like to make it have a black background. Thanks in advance for any help! 
Thank you for replying. That code clips the image at 600px, so it cuts the sides of the image off instead of scaling the image down with a max width of 600px
My site: etherealoasis.coMy theme: Dawn I'd like to make the logos on collection pages to stop scaling up at a certain width, say 600px.  Just to clarify, for example, on the jewelry page, it would be the image at the top above the products that says...
Thank you for the reply. That code makes the header stick to the top as soon as you scroll down. I'm trying to make the header layout appear the way it does on a mobile phone, or if you shrink the browser on a pc. Like it is in the image below, but t...
My site: etherealoasis.coMy theme: Dawn I currently have all right-clicking disabled on my site with the following javascript code in global.js file: document.addEventListener('contextmenu', function(e) { e.preventDefault(); alert('Right-click ha...
Is there a way to setup shipping profiles based on vendor? For example, I use several different drop shipping suppliers for different products. They have different policies and prices for shipping.  For example, if a customer purchases 3 products in ...
My site: etherealoasis.coMy theme: Dawn I want to keep the normal, main header the same.  When you scroll down the page and then scroll up, and the header pops back up...I'd like to make it match the way it looks on the mobile site for all sizes, des...
Seems to have done the trick! Thank you!
My site: etherealoasis.coMy theme: Dawn I recently made some updates to my site, making it transparent.  I just noticed that when you're looking at the product pages on a mobile phone, the text disappears when scrolling, and there's an outline of a v...
adding it to "global.js" did the trick.. thank you!
Hi Paul, Thank you for your assistance.  I couldn't find a theme.js file in the Assets folder, but I did find theme-editor.js. I tried adding the code to that file, as it has some similar "document.addEventListener" lines already in there. But, it di...
Found this fix for this, so posting it in case it helps someone in the future. You go to "Online Store", "Edit Theme" and it's in the product page template settings.  There is a checkbox that says "Hide other variants' media after selecting a variant...
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