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Hi @Ujjaval thanks for the help here. this seems to work for desktop in the Dawn theme, but not in mobile. Any idea how to make it work for mobile, too? Thanks! 
Hi @KetanKumar, Thanks for the solution on this! This seemed to work for desktop, but not for mobile. Any idea how to fix this for mobile also? Thank you!  Krista
Hi folks!  My facebook pixel is not tracking add to carts. I am using the latest Dawn theme. I have already disabled drawer/popup cart and am just using the page option, but it is still not firing.  Following directions from this page however, I cann...
Thank you -- appreciate the thorough explanation as someone new to CSS! I was able to resolve this with some of your code, although I use the max width to do the following to get it to work: @media (min-width: 768px) {.banner .banner__buttons .button...
Hi there, I am trying to modify the image banner button size in the Dawn theme, but only for mobile. On mobile, the button is too large.  In section-banner-css I was able to modify the button/size padding entirely using the following code at the bott...
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