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Hi Nick, I believe the contents of the checkout page are being loaded from a different file or template. ({{ content_for_layout }}). I couldn't find anything related to the link either in the above code.However, the previous solution I gave works in ...
I won't be able to provide any assistance without looking at the checkout.liquid file. Could you please provide it here if possible.However a workaround for this is to add these links by hardcoding it in the checkout.liquid file.<a href="account regi...
Hi Nick,Changing the default theme content will only change the text and not the functionality. To change the functionality, you'll need to edit the theme code.But since checkout.liquid is only available for shopify plus merchants, the functionality ...
1. Click on the 3 dots next to the theme. Then click on "Edit Default Theme Content".2. In the search box search for "Login".3. Then under Checkout & System, change the default placeholder text with the ones you need.     
Add style: "border-radius: 10px" or whatever value according to your needs to the product image element.
I have created a metaobject with three fields: File, Title and collection. I'm fetching these metaobject entries and displaying them in the custom section. Everything is working well but ".updated_at" property is not. However, {{ collection.published...
Google the TM supercript or write it in a word document and copy from there and paste it in the theme editor. This should solve the issue.
You can use metafields to display custom content on your product page.1. First create a product metafield with type "file".   Example : "product.metafields.custom.vendor_logo"2. In the admin add the vendor logo image in the metafield section for the ...
Try adding these attributes to the video tag. The playsinline should solve the issue.<video src="video.mp4" autoplay loop muted playsinline></video>
1. Online Store > Themes.2. Actions > Edit code.3. In the Templates directory, click customers/login.liquid or the file that contains the login code.4. Search for this line "{% form 'customer_login' %} "5. Below it, Paste this : <input type="hidden" ...
You can try this. Add a desired gap here..list-menu--inline { display: inline-flex; flex-wrap: wrap; gap: 9rem; } This should work. 
Please remove the previous code only this line : ".header__menu-item {padding: 20rem 20rem 0 0;}" wherever you've placed it And write the css in the base.css folder:Search for header__menu-item in base.css and replace only the padding with this new l...
Hi @alex-mm Can you please try this once    {% if section.settings.video_url != blank %} <div class="video-container"> <video controls> <source src="{{ section.settings.video_url | video_tag: playsinline: true ,type: 'vi...
You can add your code at the bottom of the base.css file in assets folder of your theme code  OR you could search for the CSS selector (eg:- .header-wrapper color-background-1 gradient) by clicking CTRL + F in your base.css file.  And add the above C...
The closing "/" was missing from the source tag.<source src="{{ section.settings.video_url | video_tag: playsinline: true }}"/>Corrected code:{% if section.settings.video_url != blank %} <div class="video-container"> <video controls...
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