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I have not received mine. You are not the only one. Beyond frustrated. Scheduled a call with an attorney tomorrow. Call me crazy, but if I was a Canadian company making all this money off American small businesses, I would make f'ing sure I got them ...
At this point, I am actually wondering if there is ample cause for a class-action lawsuit. I have several people who rely on me for their K1s who are becoming extremely frustrated. This is causing a major disruption to my business right now. I have h...
I would like to echo and ditto comments made by @luciotti. This is pretty ridiculous, Shopify - especially since you are a multi-billion dollar enterprise (thanks to us - your customers). If there is any discrepancy between what Shopify reports to th...
Great. You have over a million businesses relying on Shopify and you're going to be substantially late. "By the end of February" means you are forcing us to get extensions against the March 15 deadline for LLCs and furthermore impacting tax-paying in...
Yes, I have the same question - aren't they due by January 31st?!? Shouldn't Shopify be notifying their community if they're going to be late? Businesses cannot move forward with their taxes without this information. It's not cool Shopify is late wit...
You did not answer the question, Shay. ***How do we appeal an unreasonable chargeback?*** I just lost a chargeback AFTER contacting the customer, who apologized, said her card was recently hacked and that she would contact her back. THE BANK STILL TO...
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