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Hello, I am looking for an App for email/sms marketing for abandoned carts, visitors that did not purchase etc. I heard klaviyo is good for email. I have also heard of SMS bump. Can you please tell me if there is one app I can use for both email and ...
Does anyone have experience in the fishing niche? Who are the best dropshipping suppliers for items from the fishing niche (Rods and Reels). I found some items on Ali Express and I am not sure which supplies to use. Spocket has a limited inventory wi...
I'm using Zendrop as a supplier from Ali Express. Do I still need Dsers if I am using a supplier like Zendrop? Don't they do the same thing? If I still need Dsers, can you please explain why? Can I use different suppliers within the same store i.e. s...
My website is harmantra.comIm using the refresh theme
How do I minimize blank space above and below my drop down menu for all my product pages? How do I minimize blank space above my size chart? (for the slippers) How do I make my size chart smaller? (for slippers) Thanks in advance
I have a nice store and only one of my products has a size chart. How do I decrease the size of my size chart on only one of my product pages? Also, how do I minimize spacing between above the drop down menu for all of my product pages?
This is what I see in file collapsible-content.liquid{%- style -%}.section-{{ }}-padding {padding-top: {{ section.settings.padding_top | times: 0.75 | round: 0 }}px;padding-bottom: {{ section.settings.padding_bottom | times: 0.75 | round: ...
Thanks, how do i make a backup of my theme?
I tried it and it didnt work. What other CSS files should I try?
I have attached a file. Its called component-rating.css Could that be it? I dont have the files you mentioned. However, there is nothing in here with color codes
Hi,I am using the refresh theme. I have a lot of blank space above FAQ on all of my product pages. How do I reduce this space?Sarah
I cannot find those CSS file.  I am using the refresh theme. Can you please tell me where this file will be located for my theme?
How do I change the color of the stars from the product reviews from yellow to dark green to match my website?
I'm using the Refresh theme. Can you tell me how to reduce the white space above and below the logo? I want the header banner to be a little higher up
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