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My banner image currently (being a widescreen image) is a little off putting for the mobile layout, at least in my opinion. I want to use a 9:16 image for mobile users but I'm not sure if this is even possible on Dawn. So if a person loads into my st...
I'm confused, how do you add in the section with video & text after adding these sections and codes?
Your a legend thank you very much good sir
Right now, the description is on the right side, and it spirals downwards. Because of this, there's a massive white space on the middle and left side that's quite ugly and annoying. For whatever reason there's no option to have it spread out across t...
It seems to happen occasionally with products that haven't had any reviews imported for it too, though it'll disappear pretty quickly after and won't stay like the others
I posted a screenshot on the post, did it not come through? The link to the product is:
This happens to all my products with variations after I import reviews for them - it only happens on my store on the mobile site, they are all fine on pc. Any ideas?
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