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Hi Michael, Please can you explain your response in some more detail.  If I cannot receive a notification from Shopify since you do not provide an IP address range, how will the webhooks (?) resolve this issue?  and which methods are you referring to...
Hi Michael, I have a similar issue.  We manage our fulfilment internally and our B2C Shopify sites are a very small part of our business.  As a result of having to move over to the 'fulfillment order' model, we had to enter an API endpoint into the f...
I think I have this figured out.  If I use the 'Get Order By ID' API , the system can return a fulfilment ID, that I can then use to call the fulfilment API's in the fulfilment process.  In fact I just checked and using this API, I can by pass the wh...
Hi, I'm trying to convert our integration to the new fulfilment service model.  I have been able to figure out how to automate all the steps in the fulfilment process, except the step where the user clicks the 'Request Fulfilment' button.  I have tri...
So after doing more digging it appears you do not need to use the callback, but an additional step has been added that requires calling the 'assigned fulfilment orders' API, to get a list of fulfilment orders, then one by one call the 'fulfilment req...
Hi, We recently received a notification stating that on March 31st the fulfilment API, that we are calling will be deprecated.  As I have worked to understand the code to make the necessary migration to the Fulfilment Order API, I have uncovered a po...
I also agree with Jspeedz. What is making this worse, is Shopify's move to their FulfilmentOrder process that makes the implementation of callbacks mandatory.  As of March 31st, 2023, we will need to retire our fulfilment and payment capture integrat...
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