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Is there a simple way to change featured products? It seems to be showing my latest product uploads, but for example id like to select my own or simple feature the best sellers? Thank you
I realized today that when a user sends me a chat message via Shopify / shop inbox and I reply after they log off it goes to their spam.  even on a test with a user who is subscribed to my store this happened. Is there any way to fix this? I’ve had q...
Yea definitely.  It definitely needs that feature.  I would be interested for sure. 
These are great options thank you! 
Hey Gina,  Thank you for this, I was able to achieve this but under collection type there is no clearance option, just automated and manual.  Thank you!
Also, the fact that when adding products to a profile there are no filters and no option to choose per collection is wild lol. And the search function will only do so much, it still catches a lot of other stuff from descriptions and a string of lette...
So I am fairly new to Shopify and as much as I love it, I was surprised to discover this today.  I had all my shipping profiles set up but stupidly didn't have products placed in the correct ones yet, which came to my attention via an order that i ne...
Hi,Is there a way to automate sending my orders to my supplier, or have my orders push to his shopify store? I understand there may be a way with make or zapier would this be the best route? But that wont go as far as going on to his store .. It will...
Hey guys, Is it possible to sort out all tags, is there a place they exist?  There is tags i really want to fix capitalization on and also remove certain tags.  Thank you
Hey guys,  I just launched my store and I would like to use Shopify's own email until im ready to upgrade to klayvio or mailchimp. I'm wondering is it possible to make Shopify standard email subscribe thing pop up inside Dawn theme? Also will any of ...
Have you experienced this issue? Can you provide a step by step fix for this.  It seems as though issue exists for some others.  I tired have expert fix it but they could not find the issue yet. 
I want to change the heading in all my descriptions to H2.  Right now I'm doing it by hand.  Some are smaller and some are H1. 
Hey guys, noticing my description area headings have some that are h1 and some that are h2, is there any way to update all to be the same size at once? thank you
Yes nothing fixes it. 
www.Paddyspatches.com thank you . 
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