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Hi Rauj980, Thank you for your answer, but this solution is not helping a lot.I have a specific request regarding the Button "Add to Cart" and the Name of Each Product as also as the Language bar titlle "Language". I may need the pages name that publ...
Hey there, I have several modification to apply in order to Get Better SEO ranking.For that I need to change some header tag sizes; ex: from H2 to P, from h5 to h3 etc.... Please find attached related picture indicating the changes needed. 
@made4Uo  this code worked perfectly!Excellent. I really appreciate your prompt action and solution.I recommend @made4Uo  as a Shopify coding solution. Best regards,FDT Best regards,
this has partially solved the issue as I lost now the whole website header color. I only have a part of the header with the background as per attached. 
Hi @made4Uo , I appreciate your prompt reply and solution.But as you can see if I remove the code I have set I will lose the color of my header. Is there any solution to separate each color apart; One for the website header and one for the Blog page ... : testing
Hi there, I have a Dawn theme site where I have created a blog page.Unfortunately I am unable to change the Blog Page title's Background color to toher than the Default theme colors.(I am referring to the The Blog page in itself and not the featured ...
Hey there, I have installed the App. Translate and Adapt and most of my web was translated  from English to French except the below: Text inside buttons of images and bannersThe word "Share" in the product pageThe word "You may also like" in the prod...

@GemPages the below code @media screen and (min-width: 750px){{max-width: var(--page-width);padding-left: 5rem;padding-right: 5rem;}worked perfectly.I appreciate your prompt action and reply.BestsFDT 
Hello @GemPagesI appreciate your prompt reply and solution. It worked but now it has even changed position from the TOP also. All the space from the TOP has gone.I only need to shift it to the LEFT without any modification from the TOP. BestsFDT
@infoatcodelab7thank you for your prompt reply.
Hey there, I have create a new page in Dawn Theme, and set a title for that page. Even though I have set it to the left position successfully but the wrapper is forbidding it to go more further to the left so it can be directly above the image.Could ...
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