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We have one Shopify account, in which we have several markets, each with its unique url domain/“shops”. How can we link all url’s with one Google Merchant Center?Our understanding is that it is only possible to connect one google merchant centre to o...
Hi Diego,I am also looking to do the same, but your code does not work :/. i assume because I am using Dawn version 11.0. Do you have a workaround?
Hi Kate, we are facing the same issue. We want to move the title, product, and some minor product descriptions above the product image only on mobile. Could you help us out?
Hi Vmstore,We have exactly the same issue. Would it be possible fo you to share the code that you used to solve this?
Hi Nasreen, did you figure out how to do it? we have the same issue.
Hi Sweet Savior,I am not a developer but can copy and paste code  I assumed that there would be already some code out there to copy and paste which would solve for this. but thanks for the advice.
The link is We are using Dawn Theme version 11.0, so the code should be the same for all shops with this particular theme. Could you tell me which code to change without the need to provide shop permissions?
Hello All, I'm trying to move title of my product and respective reviews above images and only for mobile devices, on product pages.  Can someone help me?
Hi Team,Do you happen by chance if this is also applicable for the DAWN Theme?
Hi Kikidi,I am experiencing a similar situation as you. Did you manage to figure out the issue and improve it at the end? 
Hi Emmanuel,Thanks for getting back to me. I checked and both are ok. Also, I had reached out to google and they came back to me confirming that all was good on their site, hence it is an issue within Shopify. I already reached out to Shopify but nob...
Hi,According to my Shopify Back Office, my GOOGLE MERCHANT CENTER ACCOUNT is suspended due to the following violations:Website not claimedVisit the Google Merchant Center, and verify a phone number for your business.According to my Google Merchant Ac...
Hi Rogros,did you manage to solve the issue? i am having the same issue with my phone and domain :/. According to google, it has been verified but in my Shopify store it is still flagged and not verified Gil
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