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Hi all, I'd like to add a black border around my check out button on my cart page like I have it here on my add to cart button on my product page.Thanks in advance! 
Thank you so much this really helped! 
Hi, I need help moving the Sezzle checkout button on the cart page to the top of the other buttons and I need to get it centered, I'm just not sure how to do this. URL:
Thank you for this!
Hi all, I was wondering how I can get my products' title and price to be centered on the product page instead of being aligned to the left.URL: 
Hi @PageFly-Victor thanks for this code, the country selector is still not aligned for some reason and the email list text is not aligned but the text box is.
Hi, I'd like to center the footer with the country selector and the text above and the copyright text below it in Desktop view. I was able to get centered on mobile, but the text above the country selector isn't centered. On Desktop it needs to be ce...

Hi thanks for all of this information Elias! I'm selling unisex minimalistic clothing infused with intention and meaning. I plan to do most of my marketing via Instagram and through fashion influencers.
Hi all, I was wondering how I can disable the Venmo payment option at checkout as the icon still shows when I look under my payment settings I do not have it enabled at all. Also another thing, I was wondering how I can get the Afterpay express check...
Hi @PageFly-Victor, This solution centered my original issue but it has caused my product title and price to be aligned to the left. Do you have a code for this? 
Hi, I'd like to center the Afterpay message on my product pages but I can't seem to find a solution that works for me. Site: ourodyssey.coPW: persevere. 
Thank you for your response I really appreciate it! However, I was able to resolve my issue with the desktop view from Richard's solution and found that using a different code for the size chart helped fix my issue here:.rte table {width: auto !impor...
@PageFly-Richard  you are the best! This fixed my desktop view and my mobile view is unaffected but this was under theme.liquid. Thank you!
Hi all, In previous discussions, I was able to fix the image banner text and button on my home page to display above the image in the correct spot that I wanted for the mobile view. However, by adding that code it affected the view desktop view of th...
PW: persevere. I've got the mobile layout fixed with a code someone provided me with. However it has affected my desktop view, how do I make it so that they are independent from each other?
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