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Not sure if you found a solution but if you haven't, highly recommend having a look at Ed Codes site Wholesale Minimum Quantity or Box Quantity in Shopify - No App (ed.codes)
Is custom-liquid.liquid a template page? If not then there is no output for the code therefore it will not show. If you have a link to your page I may be able to explain better.
It really depends on what your trying to do an what section you are trying to add custom code for. Best practice if code is for a specific page such as item or blog etc, so that your shop is able to be updated without having to trace back to snipet e...
Can this not be handled as a collection? I.e. auto match all items that are equal to size ""? Customers can then filter out the collection by colour?
As per my previous post the output was the hex colour code inside ['colour']. Hence the first part was to remove this, the second part was to handle items that had multiple colours, finally was to handle any items that had no colour applied by if sta...
Yes I did end up getting it resolved with the following output:{% assign colors = product.metafields.Product.flower_colour | remove: '[' | remove: ']' | remove: '"' | split: ',' %} {% if colors.size > 0 %} You could try this too just edit for correct...
The output seems to match the hex colour for this plant;  I removed the {% assign product_color = product.metafields.Product.flower_colour %} and just used the {% product.metafields.Product.flower_colour %} instead but still didn't work.Since the out...
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