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Hi Faisal First thing you can try that is fairly easy is to make sure you resize and compress your images.A great tool to do that is (developed by one of the teams behind Google Chrome!) Once that's done try to load your page aga...
Hi, Had a look at the link and it seems the loading is taking ages but it does load for me in the end after ±1 min. It looks like one of the javascript files la is causing the problem, the one that sticks out is:
Hi @CuriousBelting, I guess there are multiple aspects to this: - localised payment methods (e.g. WeChat in China, UPI in India etc.)- fulfilment- customer service- rules & regulations depending on what you're selling  I guess the most pressing matte...
Hi @APRD  You could try and remove carrier options from your Carrier settings and people should not be able to place orders anymore.   Let me know if that works. Regards,Cristian
Hi Nick, I would suggest looking into canonical links for indexing purposes but for the actual functionality I would guess you'd need a custom app? Do you want to show a different menu for different countries?Where would you display links to those pa...
You could use the Files section in your admin, this way your file is hosted on Shopify's CDN and makes use of shopify's caching and optimizations, but if you want it to come with a player, maybe Youtube and uploading it as unlisted?    
Hi @semk015  Unfortunately, having a large gif will be slow and there isn't really an easy fix to it. Best is to not rely on these things too much as they do slow down pages quite a lot. You could look at maybe embedding a video that doesn't autoplay...
Hi @Ploutone Following Shopify's official Facebook pixel advice is the correct way to implement the fb pixel. Putting the facebook pixel inside a timeout could make the pixel code malfunction (not tracking some behaviour / tracking it wrongly). There...
Hi @ferero18 Could you share your store address so I can have a look? Thanks,Cristian
Hi @GriffCat, Shopify itself doesn't need jQuery (an old and outdated JS library), but some of the apps you use might depend on it.  jQuery is a JavaScript library which is often used by developers to implement some functionality. It used to be neces...
Hi @diamondforgood  If the redirects already work you don't need to create any sitemap with the old URL's. Could you post an example of such a redirect (old url, new url)? Thanks,C.
Hi @DuchessAu  The collection pages work fine, it seems that the url you posted has a typo: (missing t in collections). Maybe the link in the menu is also broken? Have you tried opening the co...
Hi there, Shopify stores are already fairly well optimised out of the box and in terms of serving static assets (like images, etc), DNS config and so on, the extra hassle of managing things through CloudFlare is what you might call a diminishing retu...
Hi Stefan, Reviewing your own store is usually against the Terms of Service of all large review platforms: Trustpilot,, etc. because you are obviously not going to post a genuine review of your own store. TrustPilot goes as far as not allo...
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