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Also @Skye, I see a lot of my customers complaining for the mobile version of our website. Is there any way we can make it better? The desktop version works perfectly fine, the mobile version doesnt allow them to navigate properly 
Hey @Skye  ,Thanks for all the help. Is it possible that we can get on a 1:1 call anytime soon. It would be of great help.
Hey @Skye , It is
Hi @Skye , Facing a lot of issues after one is sorted. The customer’s are not able to see the correct quantity of the products in stock. Unable to add them to cart. The quantities are automatically changing to ‘-’ even if they are correctly updated a...
Thanks @Skye .Let me try on this. However, this is also an issue most of the times, where customer's add the products to cart but unable to see in the cart. 
Hey @Skye , Attaching the screenshot here for a better idea. Please help on how to proceed further 
[image: image.png]Could you please look into this and help on how to proceed further
 Hi,My 90% of the customers are not able to checkout because of the error which says “Shipping cannot be done to the address. Please check the field’s correctly” where in when checked every field is filled correctly and it works when I replicate the ...
Hi Victoria,Thank you for addressing the concern.The issue is with the 95% of my customers. And when I try and replicate the same I am able to checkout from my end.Sharing the screenshot of the customers who has faced similar issues. Unable to attatc...
Hey,I am able to checkout from my end when I replicate the same address from myend. But the customer's are unable to checkout from their end. It is for95% of the customers. Sharing the screenshot for your reference
Most of my customer's are facing issues with the checkout. Whenever they try to check out it shows address cannot be shipped. Can someone please help  
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