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Thankyou for your reply,I have some more doubts, how we handle this on frontend (view) using app bridge and also can you please elaborate Handle OAuth Callback, like after OAuth Redirect , it will redirected to generate access token function so when ...
Hi @infowind1  did you set up your shopify app using codeigniter framework with authentication via session tokens? If yes, can you please help me to figure out what steps i have to done for implementing session tokens in my app which is created in co...
Hi,I want to add authentication in my app with session tokens as per shopify requirement, but unable to find a single source to implement session tokens functionality in my codeigniter app. Is there someone who created shopify embeded app using codei...
Hi Liam,Thankyou for your response,As you recommended, i tried all the possible solutions and also set .htaccess file(<IfModule mod_headers.c>    Header set Content-Security-Policy: "frame-ancestors https://admin.shopify...
Hi,I am facing the issue regarding Refused to frame '' because an ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "frame-ancestors 'none'", i have mentioned all required fields of frame-ancestors that ...
When I placed an order on the Shopify website in my development store, I'm not able to get the payload of orders, earlier it was working fine, and I was getting the payload. But now, when I debug, find out, not getting the HTTP_X_SHOPIFY_HMAC_SHA256 ...
As a part of Shopify development, we need to know a few things about the order like whether the state is returned/out for delivery/ready for delivery/shipped through webhooks. We are not able to find any such webhook. Please suggest to us the workaro...
Same error facing. Anyone who face this error before, help me out with this.Thanks in advanced.
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