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Is gonna work but lets if is you showing 50 so  you see in this page 49 products and you have empty place.
Nevermind I fix this issue with<script> document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() { document.addEventListener('click', function(event) { if ('.click')) { console.log("click me!"...
the JS script on theme.liquid  html on prodcut-cardscreen video  
Hello!I'm using the Prestige theme and added some buttons and JS on the collection page when someone clicks on the button the changing image of the product is present, but when I'm using some filters on this page like show me some category, etc. the ...
I think also maybe using a tag for each group and with metafeild of list with flow can be work to
I think about it, but I still need to create a collection for each group of productsso it acutely means creating flow, and its a good idea to use the collection for this?
Hello, Dear Friends!I have some issues, and wondering if you have a solution for this... We have many products that are from the same family, they have different types, and we do not want to define one product for them with variants,we want each prod...
The problem was that I couldn't add it because it seems that definition meta-objects created in the administration interface (admin) cannot be added to them in the API App.
Hi,I’m trying to add a new entry for the meta-object called product_relationship, I mean new data like a new product in the product object so the same for meta-object API,I read this documentation
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