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I'm sorry. This is a picture of how it is looking right now. If you need ant further information, please tell me. Thank you! 
Hello,I want to change my shopping cart icon in the header with an icon i found online: My website is: I am...
Perfect thank you! Is it also possible to keep your own theme (Thalia-master) when I use the gem pages web builder?
Since I'm just starting with my website as you've seen, is there a possibility you can help me with some more small coding? Please let me know how I can contact you privately, or is it allright via this platform? Thank you in advance!
Thank you! Furthermore, how do I delete those 4 grey lines? See screenshot attached. Thank you in advance. 
one other small thing I want to adjust;- the search bar, and the search logo must go next to the my cart.which code can I use? 
The "shop now" box doesn't turn white, can you help me doing this?
For example I want to use the code: .hero-content__controls a {background-color: #FFFFFF !important;} To change my "shop now" button color to white -> a read online that you can add the code at : Asset->/theme.cssMy question is where do I put this co...
Okay thank you, if I want to add certain codes which you usually use for example with base.css. is it possible to add this to one of these three? - assets/main.css.liquid- assets/style.css.liquid- assets/custom.css.liquid or do I need to choose anoth...
Thank you, I can only find:- assets/main.css.liquid- assets/style.css.liquid- assets/custom.css.liquidI cannot find the one you are talking about. 
Hi everyone,I using the Thalia-master theme and I want to change some things and edit some codes. But when I go to edit the codes, I can't find these three Assets (base.css, theme.css and theme.scss.liquid). Is there anyone who can help me with that?...
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