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Hi, we are operating a fashion store and are moving fullfilment centers next week and therefore need to take our shop offline for a few days. But: customers still need to be able to access the return page while our store is offline.As password protec...
Hi, does anyone have a clue what we could do here? Help would greatly be appreciated 
Hi, I would like to use a dropdown size picker for our products but still have the customer a) be able to immediately see which size is unavailable and b) still be able to chose that size, to then set a back in stock notification. Unfortunately the t...
PS: I also tried to acivate other settings, like showing social icons or a country selector, but nothing it showing in the announcement bar. So some coding issue might be overruling these components from showing up: 
Hi,sorry, my bad, I took the wrong screenshot. Nevertheless the language selector is activated in the announcement bar section as well but the language selector is not showing up.   
Hi Victor, as said it's supposed to be shown in the header on the desktop version. It used to show up in the desktop version on the right in the header section. 
We are working with Combine Theme on our website but the language selector in the header section, even thought toggled on (and was working perfectly fine) suddenly disappeared. Can anyone help to get it back? It's showing in the footer but not in the...
That worked perfectly, thanks!
Hi, we are facing a weird thing, where the review blocks under some products have a huge block / spacing below them. It doesn't happen for all products, like this one is fine, but then the bug shows up with most items like this one. Also it only seem...
Hi, thanks so much, the height thing worked perfectly! For the speed of the text on the mobile page: I didn't find the mentioned / screenshotted passage in the theme.css, could you tell me where I can adapt the mobile text scroll speed? Thank you!
That worked perfectly, thanks!
Hi, we are using a scrolling text element on our website which looks great on desktop version, but since we had to remove the top margin for it to look good on the desktop version, it now looks off in the mobile version.In the desktop version speed a...
Hi Mike, it's Thank you!
Hi, I am trying to change the title of the filter "more filters" to "colors" but none of the solutions I found worked. Can anyone help? Thanks!  
I found a workaround! I used the code you provided @made4Uo but put it as a custom css in the customize section of the theme for each content toggle section, this way it worked and showed up only there. Thank you so much!
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