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How would I do this on my website here is my code for the card-collection {% comment %}Renders a collection cardAccepts:- card_collection: {Object} Collection Liquid object- media_aspect_ratio: {String} Size of the product image card...
I need help same issue, drop downs not working, computer and on mobile, header and footer.
My website is - I am trying to show 2 columns per row for the mobile view. It is on the home page at the bottom where it shows an image, then text underneathe, but only show 1 column per row. 
I just changed my mobile view to show 3 products instead of 2, but I notice this grey area inbetween the top and bottom row, I also know within that section is its own scroll down bar that can get stuck, how do I fix both of those issues? I do not li...
How do I remove this code from showing?
My website is The part im wanting to change is where it says MARCH 2022 : Jordan Release Dates
Is there a way to change the font color for the multicolumn header section? I only want to change that part. Would I also be able to change the background to just that part as well?
I had to put it in the base.css file! It worked! YOUR AWESOME!
I do not have the style.css file on the dawn template that I see.
I want to remove the hamburger icon from mobile view as my website is only 1 page. I do not need drop down navigation etc
I am using Debut Theme I want to change my next page and previous page arrow icons to these:  Any help? My website is
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