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I still see your cookie banner Make sure you are on the region you set up on setting.If it still does not show, you can try our app: Consentik GDPR Cookie Banner  
Hi @desireebethea This is Mike from Consentik Have you tried to open your site on a private browser yet?
Hi @marsha72  This is Mike from Consentik. Currently, Shopify Cookie Banner does not update consent to Google Consent Mode V2.Please consider using another app from App Store.You could also consider using my app: Consentik Cookie Banner. My app provi...
Hi @Usernames  This is Mike from Consentik If you are using Google & Youtube channel, it now sending a wrong consent event to Google. I dont know why Google has not fixed it.Have you implemented  Google Consent Mode V2 to your store, yet?
Hi @adisicoffeeindi  This is Mike from Omega You can add this CSS code #shopify-section-template--17757424419133__8d2b6d2b-e2ca-45de-9c2d-de958c2a77f1 .slider-counter__link--dots.slider-counter__link--active .dot { background: #333 !important; }
@Andreaaco  could you share your store URL then I can check for you? If you do not want to public, you can send it to me via DM
Hi @Andreaaco  This is Mike from Consentik Are you using Google & Youtube channel to setup GTM/GA and set the conversion tracking on it?
Hi @Holly_LeClaires  This is Mike from Consentik Are you using any cookie banner app or implementing the Google Consent Mode V2 manually? Base on Google document:
Hi @DiSteff  This is Mike from Consentik GDPR Cookie AppHave you installed my app - Consentik GDPR Cookie App, yet?If the issue happened with my app also, please tell me. I really would like to support you 
Hi @bogdanionescu This is Mike from Omega I checked your store and saw that your store not comply with Google Consent Mode V2.Consider using an cookie banner app to set up Google Consent Mode V2 to your store.You can consider my app: Consentik GDPR C...
Hi @gjulio96  The code you are using: window.Shopify.customerPrivacy.setTrackingConsent({"analytics": false,"marketing": false,"preferences": false,"sale_of_data": false,}only comply Shopify customer privacy.I recommend you using a consent banner app...
Hi @Altglas This is Mike from Omega Which information would you like to show when hovering to the product?You can add some simple code for that
Hi @lksmith This is Mike from Omega If you can not find any app can help you to do this, I think you need to add some custom code for that
Hi @papabum I see in this file Price is rendered by this line {% render 'price', product: card_product, price_class: '' %} You can check the file price.liquid for more information
Hi @flopp This is Mike from Omega To add custom fields for personalization, you can add customs code on liquid file in your theme but this is required knowledge about coding.Or you can install product option app to do this  
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