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Anyone able to help with this issue? I see two other people with this same question unanswered. Maybe it's not possible?
 If I search for Bookmarks within our internal site search, it pulls up the bookmarks page. Is there a way to make that grey box be an image? We are using the Dawn template. Our URL is 
Is there anyone else who can help with this issue or do I need to repost it?
Hello @Ujjaval... just wanted to be sure you saw my questions above. Thanks,Ben
Do I need to replace the old code, that right justifies that column, with this new code?
Thank you for the quick response. It looks like it works when I test preview it but it's still right justified when I look at it on my phone.
Hello, We have the right side of our footer right justified which we like on desktop but on mobile the title stays right justified but the links move to left justified. Is there a way to keep it right justified on desktop and left justify the links a...
Thank you!
Thanks for your help!
Hello, Can you help us align the footer. I am attaching a screen shot with notes. This is what we would like to do: 1. Center About Us in the middle block2. Justify the text in the middle block3. Move the Subscribe text, email field and social up int...
Thank you Richard! This worked perfectly.
Hello, I am working on the footer in the Dawn theme. We wanted to right justify the text in the right footer box. I found the code and applied it. But it didn't align properly, see the below screen shot. Only the "Testimonials" link aligns with the "...
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