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Hi,Thanks for your message. Unfortunately that won’t work as the limit is 1000 pieces per collection. I have worked with a Shopify expert and a freelancing company and both were not able to find a solution. I do see on message boards and other places...
Still trying to find a solution, reached out to various Freelancers, but they were not able to solve the issue as the stock on Shopify comes from Printful, and there seems to be no way to manually set it. If in the meanwhile you have found a solution...
Hello, did you ever solve your problem. I have the exact same issue, I sell limited edition collections, and don't want to have to manually set the quantity by color or size. So if there is 100 pieces of an item, then as people buy the small size in ...
I have the same issue and have not been able to solve it. Very annoying....
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