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Go to Themes > Edit Code > Assets > theme.css.liquidThen paste this code at the bottom.
Pixel Union came through with a workaround. Happy to share if anyone needs it.
Worked like a charm, @made4Uo . Thanks so much for your help!
Thanks @made4Uo . I placed the code and the background is now white, but it seems to have hidden the preview images of the blog articles. See attached.Also, here is a new preview link for the store: https://f1cahzdtuhdgc8y8-67934060863.shopifypreview...
Hi @made4Uo , curious if you've been able to take a look at the preview link? Thanks again for your help.
Hi @made4Uo . Here is a preview link. Thanks for your help!
I'd like to change the background of my blog page to white, but only where the blog posts section is (the area in between the nav and footer). My current background color in my theme (Atlantic) settings is a very light gray. See screenshot. Thanks in...
I was able to customize the main text on the page through my settings, but I'd also like to remove the default title above that text (my company name in huge letters) and can't figure out how. Anyone know how? 
Thanks @suyash1 . I'm more familiar with the other solution provided, so i implemented it that way. Question....why does your screenshot show both my blog articles pushed to the left? The two columns are supposed to be centered, as you see in my init...
Thank you @PageFly-Victor. I'm more familiar with your method, so I implemented the change that way. Looks great!
Hi @suyash1 here is the preview link.
I created a new template for my blog page in the Atlantic theme and I'd like to increase the size of the heading (GOOD TIDINGS) at the top of the Blog Post section of page. Screenshot attached. Is there a simple fix? 
@PageFly-Richard  that worked! Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.
Here is a preview link to the site. The newsletter form is in the footer.
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