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HI community,We have a problem with tracking on google/FB with NOT EUR markets. We have Shopify multistore- 14 domains under 1 store. 9 have EURO currency, 5 have other currencies.All orders come in Shopify as EUR orders (Shopify converts them which ...
Hello,I am currently setting up my store (location: Germany). I use Gelato as a third-party provider (print-on-demand). I want to sell self-designed posters worldwide.Since Gelato charges taxes on the products, how best to make the tax settings in Sh...
Hi, Thanks for your reply. Should i build an app to connect the other stores with API? I heard someone advise to use public API without Authorize code to get product information, does it work? Do you know about public api and private API?Thanks
Hi Community, I am selling my goods as dropshipping. I have 2 other stores (non-Shopify Stores) working with me as distributors. Is there any way for the distributors receive all my product info (through API), then they re-sell products.If someone bu...
Hi SpeedUp guru Team, Thanks for very specific answers for my issues. I will try with my dev team and see if it works well, that would be perfect.Thank you very muchBest regards
Hi Everyone,Currently Shopify could only send one version/template of POS receipt VIA EMAIL regardless of POS location.I would like to ask if it's possible to customize for:1. The ability to send a different receipt ON EMAIL (with the location addres...
Hi everyone,I need 3 apps for my store if anyone knows to support me.First, I need an app that allows me to provide the user with a tracking number when they order a service. They should be able to track that number and see the progress of the servic...
 I offer custom products and I don’t use app to do it such as printify or others  after customer places orders, I need a reference App to- notify my suppliers what products to make then they ship to fulfillment centerthen the fulfillment center recei...
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