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Thanks Kate! These are some really good suggestions. My responses are below:1. Change the first Hero ImageThe first image features one of my top sellers on the site. Typically, visitors land on a product page, click Shop All, then click a Collection....
Thanks Ollie!The 'Contact Us' page is currently located as a drop-down item within the 'Home' tab. Should I move it to the main menu? I will go ahead and include it in the footer menu.I'm using a hero slideshow that directs users to my top three coll...
I get around 30-50 daily visits with a sale happening roughly every other day. The majority of my traffic comes from Pinterest as I am a verified merchant. I opened my store back in February. Can you take a look at my website and suggest ways/improve...
I found the info below on an older post. I added the the metafield, but I don't know where to add the custom liquid code. Where do I put the code? I'm using the Impulse theme. Thanks https://stephenkeable.medium.com/add-related-products-to-your-blog-...
My website is now listed on Google. I need to update some of the information that shows up when people search for it. Where can I go on Shopify to change the name that appears in the search results? Right now, my website address is shown instead of m...
What is the correct banner image size? Thanks 
I opened my shop a few weeks ago. Can I get some feedback on the overall design and ease of use? Also, I don’t see my site on Google yet. I filled out Google Console a few weeks ago. Do I just need to be patient or did I miss something in the set-up ...
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