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yeah, one would be tempted to actually release a custom app for this in the app store.
Sorry for the late reply – yes, this was somewhen beginning of last year. That's bad that they will not activate the feature for you since its obviously "basic".
Hi community, I wanted to ask you guys for a theme recommendation for a B2C fashion store. The fashion pieces we are selling are mostly basics in good quality that come in different color-variants. Money is not of concern, if we find a suitable theme...
yeah, we just asked  Not sure why its not a standard feature, I think it is marked as a Shopify Plus feature... There are also other Features that are officially marked as Shopify Plus but you can use them with normal plans.
Hi! We solved it by using the feature that works really well. Issue is that in the checkout the user can switch the delivery country and then there is no more stock check for the co...
Hi matias, great, I will shoot you a mail!
Hi Matiasricci, thanks so much. Sorry to hear that you went for Shopify Plus due to this issue without solving the issue for you, that s.cks. Ok, it really seems that is a "bigger issue" with shopify. I also posted this to support but I did not get a...
Hi community, I have following problem that I cannot solve. We have the following setup: ––– MarketsI have 3 Markets setup:CH Market: That covers Switzerland and LiechtensteinEU Market: That covers the European Union, e.g. Germany, France, Spain, Ita...
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