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Hi all, I am trying to play around with the overall look and feel of my site but the header layout options are not working on the Impact theme. Whatever option you select you only have the drawer available at any point.  Anybody know why that might b...
Hi all,  I was looking in to improving site speed and performance lately and found the biggest opportunity in reducing un-used Javascript. At the moment, it seems like certain Javascript is being loaded before rendering images reducing first contentf...
For context this is the CSS under base.css for the icon itself .header__icon--cart .icon {height: 30px;width: 30px;padding: 1px;}.header__icon--cart {position: relative;margin-right: -1.2rem;}and this is the code from header.liquid  <a href="{{ route...
Hi - I am trying to change the cart icon of my shop to a custom SVG but the code below only seems to render on desktop but not on mobile and its driving me insane. I cannot seem to get it to work or find some mobile specific CSS in the shopify code. ...
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